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Sony MPES-VC01

Virtuelle 3D Kamera Anwendung für MPE-200

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Anwendung für die MPE-200, die aus einem einzigen festen Blickwinkel 2D und 3D virtuelle Kamera-Ausgänge generiert.

This innovative application stitches together the images from three angled cameras at a single viewpoint to create a super-wide (48 x 9 aspect ratio) video image of a stadium playing field, any part of which can be used as the basis for a Virtual Camera output.

Using a depth model of the stadium and pitch, the software generates a 3D HD virtual camera output that can be aimed at any part of the visible playing field.

This powerful capability is ideal for post-match analysis, where events that might have been missed by the conventional camera positions at the stadium can be retrospectively highlighted by a “zoomed-in” virtual camera.

Used in conjunction with Sony's Cell-based MPE-200 image processing platform, the software has the potential to improve 2D and 3D sports coverage while reducing costs by providing seamless coverage of an entire pitch from a single camera position.

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