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Sony MPES-3D01/01

3D Software für MPE-200

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Live 3D Produktionsanwendung für Sony MPE-200, die Stereo-Quelle Fehlstellungen in Echtzeit korrigiert, zum Schutz der Qualität und Wert der live Bilder

Sony is proud to introduce the MPE-200, a multi-image processing hardware that simplifies the 3D shooting workflow when the
optional MPES-3D01 stereo-image processor software is installed.
This innovative stereo image processor (MPE-200 with MPES-3D01) allows the user to analyze 3D images with a built-in
waveform monitoring function, and make fine adjustments to their appearance through digital signal processing. This greatly
reduces the cumbersome and time-consuming task of mechanical fine adjustment of the 3D camera rigs. The user can
control several MPE-200 processors with MPES-3D01 software* via a computer installed with a GUI software*.
In addition, the stereo image processor enhances the operational performance of the 3D contents creation system
consisting of Sony's products, such as cameras and switchers. For example, Sony cameras deliver the lens information
such as zoom position as real-time metadata and the stereo image processor can make use of this data for advanced
adjustment such as automatic zoom scale matching. This enables high-quality 3D content that can be created with a
simple camera rig.
Furthermore, the stereo image processor offers a choice of monitoring methods for stereo monitor output, including side-byside,
above/below, anaglyph, 50% mix, and difference.
Outstanding performance and excellent operability make the innovative solution of an MPE-200 processor with MPES-3D01
software ideal for a broad range of 3D shooting and live production applications.

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