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Lynx C DA 3010 SD-Konverter

10 Bit SDI zu Analog Wandler, leicht gebraucht

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10 Bit SDI zu Analog Wandler, leicht gebraucht

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The C DA 3010 is a high quality dual standard (525/625) 10 bit video digital to analog converter designed primarily for broadcast and professional applications. The Module accepts one serial digital input signal (SDI) and can provide RGB or YUV component analog outputs as well as S-Video and composite outputs in the selected video standard. Two re-clocked SDI loop through signals are also provided. Proc amp provides adjustable gain, saturation, hue, pedestal and gamma. Internal test patterns are also provided. Remote control and remote status monitoring is possible when used with the optional rack frame option and one of the available controller options or by using the Service Adapter and LYNX control software.

Due to the complex nature of this module only basic functionality is supported with the local controls. If used stand alone or in a system without the LYNX control system, then the R CT 3000 Service adapter is highly recommended for use with this module. This will facilitate presetting and programming of all module functions using a simple Windows GUI. A single service adapter will support all types of MiniModule.

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